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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ginger, Garlic and Bread

Suddenly she changed her attitude become wild.... who thought U this ha Ginger... ah anyway,I'm glad she still recognized me and love me..My friend told me that she act like that because she want to "putus susu" from her kids and so does she became wild and bad temper.
Looking at her, I'm really happy to see that she was growing up healthfully and happily at my Kampung with my parents.
This week, I plan to bring Ginger's kids named Garlic and Bread come home as I already bought a new(second hand) 3 tiers cage for them.
Hopefully, they will like their new home and new environment...
I loove them much!! tomorrow will buy them a new cats litter sands (lemon flavor), semi-auto food feeder, litter basin and Science Plans food for kitten. I think all this will cost me around RM300.. ayoo...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

26 Already!

Ha, no more 25 yo as an answer if ppl asking my age..anyway, I have to move forward and bared in my mind thats only a number (borrring...lame thinking n reason..hehe..). Thanks to my family and friends, who gave their support along this journey.
Now, I sat neatly in my office and try to think what should I do in order to improve myself in term of knowledge, job achievement n satisfaction, relationships and of course my life in the future.What actually that I want...I still cannot answered that imaginary question.
Hopefully, someday I can find out what are the things that I really wanted.. and how to achieve that. Life would be simple as it is if U drove it into a good ways.
Last but not least, I wish that I can make myself more successful person towards in this life. Amin..

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sawadikap VIII

I have safely landed in KL at 1.30am today.. huhu..and woke up around 6.30am and went to office. Really tired and take a nap for a while in the office. hehe..
This time backpacker trip to Krabi Island. Krabi Island does not have a perfect beaches and nite style as compared to Phuket and Bali,maybe.. But they do have a perfect massage( thats the most important la..hehe) and perfect pancake, yet to taste.. huhu.. But the foods slightly more expensive compare to hadyai and Phuket.
Ao Nang Beach
Pulut Mangga-Pulut Durian and Seafoods

To share an information, from KL shoot to border, Danok - Hatyai - Krabi. Journey from border to Hatyai its only took about half an hour and cost per pick-up Vios is 500THB/car. and from Hadyai to Krabi only about 4 hours by minivan where cost charged is 270THB/head.
Hotel (I can say guest house) is around 400THB/nite. At Krabi town U will be sent to travel agency and to choose which island that u prefered. Ao Nang Beach is most popular..
Travel agent.
Nice room - 400THB/nite
Nice place to lepak
Nice view
And on the way back to Kl, we stopped at Aloe Setar to meet Wannie and Mama..
Its been a long time not meet U, Mama..
Happy Family..
Good Bye my dear Wannie..
Overall review I can say that Krabi island nothing much different from Phuket and probably I can say that Phuket much better than Krabi (its my opinion) in term of nite style, beach and markets.
Maybe its better to stay at Hatyai- Meriah!! hehe..

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ritmasari Gamelan and Wedding Invitations

One of the reason why I don't like to attend people's wedding is - When urs?.. oh gosh... keep silent and give a sweet smile.. hehe.. Ah, anyway this week I'm full with wedding invitations where I had to attend. Congratulation to Fara - my classmate at UM.
Hope you will be one happy family forever..
And to my X-Gamelan mate, Jaja hope will be a good wife.. hehe.. Congratulation to you too..
Friends forever..
Last Saturday, I'm happy that I met one of Gamelan group and I would like to thanks to En. Zul from Group of Gamelan Ritmasari for inviting me on that day and give an opportunity to me to join his group..
Hope I can polish back my skill and soon to performe well for the future event or any invitation..hehe..