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Monday, May 25, 2009

Sawadikap VII

Again.. backpackers in Thailand... Amazing Thai...huhuhu...
Destination: Bangkok, Thailand.Sky train - Ari station. A story behind it. hehehe...Very intelligent backpacker hotel I ever had... Great stay.. good recommendation to stay in SILOM area.Cool and relax environment view near the hotelConvenience for all backpackers.. 1min walk from Chong Nonsi stationA MUST place to visit in Bangkok- Chatuchak market place.. Crazy la walking around here. I almost lost for 30 min to find exit way.. hayyo!!!Very big area to shop.. and to see...Good and colorful public transports..Great MRT Station -SILOM Station underground. Betul lah Amazing Thailand..hehhe.. Lumpini Night Bazaar.. more relax and cruising market compare than Chatuchak.. And I think most goods are more cheaper than Chatuchak market.Same-same...Another entrance of Lumpini marketFruits Paradise - Very beautiful ladies and fruits.. hehehe..
Long Live The King... sangat patriotic...Ready for walk-walk and walk...Survanabhumi Airport areaFood stories - very difficult to find Muslim food.... and one more thing halal food very expensive here...Seafood fried rice :550 BTH.. crazy lah!!!Like roti canai la..but its very tasty: 60 BTHEmm... Friend Bugs: 50BTH/kgChicken Dum curry with raisin rise: 320 BTH
I wish to visit this place again on next July...want to explore more places... anyone?Kop-Kun-Kap

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BIG Decision

Malaysia Japan Automotive Industries Cooperation or MAJAICOIts hard to make a decision within 30 min... Arrgghhh..
3-4 Years... Am I ready for that?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Looking for Backpackers Buddy

Anyone interested? Looking for max 2 Buddies...

Travel Info:
Destination: Bali
Travel Period: 3D2N
Travel Date: 3-5 July 2009
Airfare (Return): RM300 (all inclusive)

1. No luxury travel (Backpackers kan..)
2. High level of energy (Walk!!, walk!! and walk)
3. Happy go Lucky person

Please do contact me as soon as possible before 24th May 09.

Thank you.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Modern City

Welcome... and lets Backpakers tour Ayo!! mahalnye... x pe lah nak merasa kan..
Luxury coach... mmg recomended... sangat selesa...Its tru.. full of LAW..hehe..Bersih dan nyaman...banyaknye pokok2..this time i;m very appreciate pokok2... huhu..

Transportation mmg senang.. sangat berbeza dengan KL..Sampai je terus cari backpaker's hotel.. ni lah yang terbaik aku dapat kat Geylang Road. Letak je beg, terus kuar jejalan ke Clark Quay area.. Then ke Mustafa Centre yang mana mall yang bukak 24 jam.. Peliknye macam2 die jual.. duh... smpai pukul 2 pagi aku shopping kat sini.. hehe.. rambang mata lah!! Next day, aku bersiar2 di City Hall... Stop breakfast kat raffles city jap... makan kat Old Chang Kee cafe.. sedap lah..ermmm..Pemandangan yang nyaman...Segar bugar...Then, lets Shopping!!! Paragon Mall...Heading to Orchard Road..Stop jap plz... interesting shop..hehehe..Outram Park..Nice placeBangga aku ade Maybank Tower kt sini..Esplanade ParkJom kite ke Merlion Park.. Tempat yg paling penting untuk berposing..hehe..Tuh dia... kepala dah macam same dah..Ok.. menuju ke ChinaTown Malay Heritage..Bugis Street..duh...letih giler berjalan.Final night, stay kat Little India Area... hehee... happening giler.. Jom sape nk join pegi lagi.. tgh sale giler2 kat sana... yukk...