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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Festival Seni, UM 2010

Still fresh in my memories, those days events at DTC. Yes, its almost 5 years I left UM and festival seni and I still remember my last performance was as a captain of Boria for KK12 (12th college..) huhu..
Seniors of 2nd college and 12th college...hehe.. Me, Hazzi, AJ, Shark and Mac.
It was not too bad performance compare than out last time (year 2001-2005), very happening and very exiting...
Still young eh..hehe..
Hope to see u guys again... soon..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Memoir of Kursus Induksi Khusus Bil 1(2010) 8-12 Mac

Yeah, just received the real pics of us from our facilitator. These can describe everything and details of our riadah activities for that week.1st ice breaking kan... everyone look shy2 cat..hehe..
The gentlemen...
Trying too hard to release out the rubber string from our face. hahah..various of action can be seen.. very funny..
Still some of them cannot release it...hahahha...
To select Tok Penghulu and Penghuluwati..
Yeah, Ben look at the back to see our Tok Penghulu reaction which nominated by Him and without others opponents.. hehe..
Okey next is to separate and arrange by date of birth accordingly without sound and noisy.
Stock exchange game..
Full of betrayer.. haha..
Jambatan Gantung - not scare lah..

Extreme game... tired

Quite adventure la.. need skill to pass through the tyre.
Enjoys face after completing the activity.
Me on the spider web..hehe...
Commando skill test
Wall climbing.. Sorry Shakirah, I can't help U..hhe..
Kayak activity
Bola Tampar
Good Facilitators
Again, water sport
Peace...I don't need that pelampung, I can swim well.. hehe...

Its a great activity and its only conducted once a year or per two year...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wajah-Wajah Induksi Khusus ANM

Finally, its over... Induction Course for Agency (8-12 March 2010). Here some pics snapped along the activity.. Ben tried to fight with the fire..hahaha..
Shakira one of my team members.
at Raymintech
So serious.. huhu...walaupun...
at GammaGreenHouse
Inside is nuclear source -
Interesting place for mutant.. :)
Nice structure.
A journey of mutation.
Outdoor activity - visit some others places
Indoor activity - lecture... normal la kan..hehe.. khusyuk tul la you Ben..
Yeah... great... thinking hard!!
Oppss.. Somebody call 911!! Shakira caught on the fire!!
everybody enjoy it!!..
Can't wait for the next and final Induction

Monday, March 8, 2010

NPP's Workshop- next - Induction Course

Yes, its a same place and location I been through for almost 2 weeks consecutively. Last week, for 2 days attending on Nuclear Power Program workshop and continue by along this week for Induction course which I have to stay from 8.15 am till 7.00 pm.
Yes, indeed its was quite boring when you have to seat quietly and do nothing expect listen to the lecture given. Nevertheless, I need to complete this course prior to my confirmation requirements and needs.Evening activity towards the end of session - 1st day baru ya.. haha.. but, its quite fun and happy.
Last week workshop attending by several numbers of nuclear researcher - it was good workshop and gave a lots of benefit to me and perhaps to the others too.