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Saturday, April 24, 2010

BTN Result, KAO-B0141-10 (4 FEB - 8 FEB 2010)

Yes!!, I'm passed the exam (PTK1) for BTN course.Guys, u can check your BTN result now at
Good luck to the others (MOSTI members) - Thanks to our Penghulu for the info..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Lucky Week

I was so busy with my new IT device, new ACER Turbo core i5. I bought it at PC fair at KLCC last week.
Glad to have a new laptop after 5 years with the old one (ACER also) which bought by my father when I was in final year doing thesis.
The best part is I received about 20 items of free gift (IT based components and devices) with One OSIM EYE MASSAGER worth about RM 200 (while stock last) - due to come early about 10.45am, even though the door open about 11.00am. huhu... berbaloi-baloi...
and winning the Spin Lucky Draw - 4D3N at Shanghai/Hangzhou for 1 person (Including accommodation - 4 star hotel, group tour, airport transfer and more).
What a lucky week.. Alhamdulillah...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Marathon Movie at Home

New projector set at home...
Wow!!! Best giler layan movie...clear and large view!! huhu.. disertakan dengan sound system yg mantap dari Sonic Gear EVO.. perghh....layan.... ala2 Plasma 120 inch..huhu..
Mlm tu layan cite new moon..huhu..
Actually projector set ni dibeli utk business training center oleh DZ COM Technologies

Ok nak promote skali la.. kalo sesape yg berdekatan dengan area Bandar Baru Bangi, dan nak belajar cara nak format PC, nak belajar bende2 basic computer, software bagai dan pendek kate berkenaan dengan IT based la.. boleh la dtg blajar kat sini..dari korang bayar rm50 utk reformat..baik bayar kurang lebih kat DZ COM ni format sendri sambil belajar..lepas2 ni dah save dah..format sendri..or wat service format utk income..