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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vendor Audit

Currently im blogging at Mus's hse in Penang.

Sepatutnyer arini aku masuk opis. tapi disebabkan meeting semalam habis lambat dan aku tak larat nak drive balik KL sesorang aku decide untuk gamble cuti dan lepak ngan Mus.

Semalam aku dpt cenderahati dari vendor berupa seutas jam tangan TIMEX. In so surprise..aku ingatkan dalam kotak tu hanya mug or plug.. Thanks anyway... Pagi tadi aku mengarang dan send text sms kepada bos aku untuk meminta simpati keatas ketidakhadiran ku di opis. Jap lagi nak balik KL dah..before tu nak g beli jeruk jap...

thanks Mus bawak aku jejalan lagi..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just Update

Currently im blogging somewhere secret place..hehee... only a few friends know it..
ah anyway i would like to blogging about last activity at Malacca. Very da Jalan-jalan cari makan tau..
First ondaway to Malacca, we droped by at Yankee's Hut, Bangi.. very da special place tau..
Next, we try Gi Kiat Huay baba restaurant at Jonker Walk, Malacca. Very da special menu and different service ya.. The most importing thing is the manager who run the business..very da committed tau..hard work!! keep up ur good work nanny!! Pose tuh yg penting yer!!
E'eh ni kat mane plak... hehe.. thats the secret place...hehe.. u'll find out where is it only if you had been there.. hehe... so nice the kubah tau..

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Now i'm blogging at MITC, Malacca.
To continue my experience with SRD,here some photos taken for your reference.

A bungalow which the SRD had been held. Its quit comfort and relax so that my nervous gone. Everything going alright, but at this stage its more challenging.

1st task(1 hour 30 min)- Case study:
I have to read all the materials provided basically about to set up a new plant named SHELL ADUKI. It is true, i cannot managed to read all the info(because too thick)and what is the important thing is to come out the key issue and decision.
Then 5 minutes presentation in front of the board director and 20 min for Q&A

2nd task- Group discussion:
i've been given to choose which activity should SHELL invested and what benefit can be attained.
Then to combine with others group with the same issue and have to decide which give more suitable activity to propose to the board of director.
Suddenly the earthquake occurred at certain area of the region. We have to donate some of the project money and have to decide amount of donation by considering the capital we are given.
Presentation is individually to persuade board of director.

3rd task- Technical interview
This is normal interview for all people to enter technical industry. its goes smooth and all questions been ask related to your work. No worries.

Final task- Piano skill (no im lied..ngehngehehe..)
Here some picture taken just after end of SRD.

Monday, April 14, 2008

SRD Part I

Today pre-assessment very the tough tau.. matila aku esok for the real assessment with more no. of assessors.
I was thought the case study basically about the engineering technical problem but surprisingly its more to management basis.I have to come out the short and long term decision in order to set up a new plant at the new place. I have to deal with government issues, environmental issues, Community and society relationship, competitors, consumers and other stakeholders.
Each key point that projected will be ask" why? why? how long the time frame? why?"
Oh gosh!!! very tired tau...

Now im preparing my next full assessment.
i) Case study- Very tough
ii) Group discussion-Depends on the situation
ii) Technical interview- Normal

Insyaallah i will try my best and hopefully i'll be joint them soon.

Stupid DOG!!

I went to Klinik Dr. Khalid & Wan Julia yesterday because of my sinus. If its not my panel I wont come to that clinic beside its my nearest panel clinic that I had. Here I would like to share, complaint and express my unsatisfaction with the service given by the DOG it self. For ur information, I’m always met a DOG named Dr. Nasir. He’s around 35 and not too tall, not too short, ugly face, dark skin, messy look and unprofessional looks(yes he doubt!)

I complaint about my heavy sinus. Lately, im always suffered during morning, afternoon and night before sleep and I don’t know how to reduce and control it. That was simple explanation from me. Is that clear DOG??!!!!

Wait… the phone ring... #$$$%$^%^&..Eh i have my patients here...cannot be long..$%$^&*(&^%$^*((&^$#%$%^^%^*%$#^ - that’s was very not professional ethics as a doctor! Stupid!

Here some explanation that I got from that fuc**g dog ..
“ I cannot stop ur sinus and I don’t know what may cause of it.”- so not convincing.. what kind of dog u are huh!! Doctor supposedly to advice and convince patients regarding their illness. Babi!! “u have to find out by ur self and try to remember why it happened..i cannot solved it even cant help u” – Ayo!!! Now I know that my fist expectation against his all are truth. Bodoh!! Im very disappointed tau..I will write a complaint directly to Dr. Khalid.

I stood up from the chair with making face and starightly out from the room without thanks to that DOG…

To those people who wanted to get appointment at Klinik Dr.Khalid & Wan Julia please make sure name of doctor attended you is not DOG.NASIR.
Note: now im on my way to MIRI..hehe..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

One Day Outing with Noris

Which one is Noris?

Its fun to have free time with Noris.. he always inviting me going out but its always not the right time.."aku kat Rawang la ngok!! mane sempat nak gi tuttt.." always like that huh..

Today without planned, we went to Noris's big boss's driver's daughter wedding. Its good for me coz im very da hungry tau at that time.. Luckily the foods were very delicious and its finger licking good!!!

After that, we went to PIKOM PC fair to find my new HP. Unfortunately im not found my desire phone but have to buy Rina's MP4 worth RM399 pulak. Then we went to Greateastern mall for lepak2. We choose starbucks(reason: peaceful palace, wireless, RM1 parking rate). Here we found exactly same with Rina's new MP4 and we asked for the price. Surprisingly its worth RM699. Thanks to me Rina..

At this moment, Noris is sleeping at the sofa.. very da tired tau and we have to cancel our plan to PWTC for the book fair.

Noris!!!! wake up!!! jom balik!! dorang semua dah tunggu kat umah Rikke tu.......

Cekodok Part II

This is the 2nd part of cekodok party...ingatkan aku datang lambat... ngupenyer aku org yg pertama sudahnyer..propa sgt korang kan.. inilah gambaran awal keadaan ruman Rikke yer.. Kedatangan Ms. Rina..alahai terus bersemayam kat sofa.. sian Rikke kene masak ayam panggang..hehe..
sempat posing nihh..ayam tuh ayam..kang hangus kang...Maka, datang la si Izal..terus ke microfontau.. walaupun gambar tu menunjukan ke laptop Rina..
Ha!! ni apakah Inas...meletas...kaki tuh..lentik sikit,...mamposla Zal... muahhaa,...

Makan time!!!

Cekodok time!!!alah shy...baru sampai terus posing.. cane..

Monday, April 7, 2008


Sabtu yang lepas..
Bestnye kuar ngan korang..lame sungguh tak jmpa kan... very de skang semua kan.. yg penting Anip tetap ngan perangai die...jaga la ko Nip..
To Tina ko dimaafkan kerana nak jmpa ayah ko kat JB. hope this week kite jmpa lepak yer..
Luv.. Fara, Dila n Meilan.. Ahad yang lepas....
pagi tu aku pegi Nilai 3..baru la dapat beli pasu yg aku berkenan... yang bunga tu aku beli mase kat hat letak tepi almari jer.... dah ade pasu baru la terserlah keayuaannyer..

Hari ini..(Isnin)

Dari pagi masuk opis.. melayan email bersama-sama teman Ampang bertopikan cekodok udang.. terliur aku tau..sanggap ni lepas balik keje berkejar balik ke Ampang dengan segera semata nak beli cucur udang..walaupun bukan cekodok udang..hehe..jadi la..
Ketika ini..

kat belakang aku ni tonyot-tonyot sedang makan beramai-ramai cekodok udang yer.. Rina, Rikke, Izal, Azril, Hafiz, Shai, Lara nWani ..yang masaknyer Mama.. cane...hehe..

Saturday, April 5, 2008


A quick update ni... sebelum Rina bangun.. hehe..
lepas makan Pizza hut(island supreme)+chiken wing+garlic bread kenyang nak mampos... terus tidur..cane..

Alahai Rina...same la ngan Ginger tido..ala bucuk-bucuk.. hehe...

Imbasan Hotlink

Tetibe minggu ni kawan2 hotlink aku call bertanyekan khabar..termasuk la supervisor aku dulu si wei mun.
"alo..zack a?? hey what u doing? bz eh? eh how to go gerai nasi lemak kg.baru eh? that ciput2 one.." tetibe nyonya ni teringin nak makan nasi lemak city garden kan.. mampos!! " eh tomyam Kak Mah tu how? when willwe going? dah 2 thn tau u kate nak bwk i pegi makan sane.."..hehe.. sabar ek wei mun oii...

Yesterday, the whole day aku online YM kat umah Rina.. aku di"ping" oleh Mei lan..
"kekwat la ko!!!" hanjeng..mane ade..ko tuh tak reply2 email aku kan.."esok kt gathering tau and g swimming tau kat umah kawan fara."emm..bagus la tu anip punturun KL esok.. tapi si Tina cipok pegi JB jmpa bapak die.. hhuhu.. sian Cipok kan..

Now tgh lepak kat starbuck Quenn's park..Rina yg ajak pegi sambil menunggu "anak-anak" kami di grooming kat Woo-woo Meow-meow... heheh..