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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Highest Credit Limit I ever Had

What!! oh gosh..this is the highest credit limit I ever had... I dont know whether its good for me or bad..All this will push me to be a big spender... nway, thanks to Standard Chartered for the compliment. Who knows that I might be need to use it someday...
Thanks anyway... :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Change the Flattered Tire

Theoretically, yes I know how to change the punctured tire with the spare one.. But, in practically, I never ever do by myself.. huhu.. Yes, Im in car maker industry for about 3 and half year, yet still haven't experience in changing it by myself. Even when I was in Perodua, all the task directly request to my technician with a proper equipment.
Today, this very a good morning, I was surprised by the flatting tire of my car. I'm already late for the morning class and suddenly this thing happened to me.. Argghh.. let it be, I just borrow my brother's bike and heading to the class... after all I fix it by myself in raining weather condition.. sod off!!
Here some info to those who never ever experience in it.
1st of all, u need all this things:
1. Wrench
2. Jack
3. Spare Tyre

Step 1: Loose all the screws on the rim by turn it to counter clock wise (please kick the wrench hardly to release the 1st torque)
Step 2: Jack up your car by turn it the winder clock wise direction
Step 3: Remove the punctured tire and replace with the spare one.
Step 4: Fix it properly and tightening all the screws.
(Credit to
Its such as simple method and process. But, if you do not have any ideas, please call somebody to get help... :).. Good luck!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I love it..I hate it!!

What!! I hate to see it.. but i love to use it...hehe.. Yesterday was Isetan member sale at KLCC. I shop like crazy because they offered discount up to 70%!! giler weihh!!!. I spent on my plastic near to 1K.. fuhh...
Anyway, I really satisfied that I bought this DKNY red delicious.. this my 2nd bottle after 2009. I've got 4 pieces of vouchers of RM10 and straightly used for Men's shopping.My 1st intention was to buy a new sport shoes due to re-active in Tennis sport. Okay, fine I found one - Nike Air Max. I love it and its very light and cool..Suddenly, we looking why many peoples carry along Timberland paper bag. I'm very curious... We went to Timberland boutique and many expensive items sells with cheaper price.. hayyoo!!. apalagass, I just grab this shoes. the NP is about RM369 (I cannot afford ma..) and now its sell about 60-70% discount.. yeahh!!.. Berebut la cari saiz coz its only left a few pairs (5-6 pairs I think..). I'm happy after made the transaction.. But, when I think back what is the purpose of this shoes? I don't do shoes.. only slippers.. *sighhh...
So moral of the story, when u shop please do not bring ur friends or some kind that can ignite ur unnecessary desire.. its more save and controlled.. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Old Interest of Sport

Its still fresh in my mind when I was in boarding school and play it happily. Everyday on the evening, I always come down to the court to play Tennis. It was my 1st time holding a Tennis racquet's and learn the movement and counting of the game. It is continued till I'm in UM doing my 1st degree...And as I graduated and start moving the the carrier world, I lost all those thing. And now, after 5 years left the interest behind, I bought a new racquets which cost me high as a beginner... but I don't mind as long as I have my sifu to teach me the right technique and other friends who commits to play with.
Nice eh, and I like it verry much. It is N-Code type, WILSON. Recommended string tension is 55 to 65 lbs for the new beginner.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What a Busy Weekend...

This weekend, I'm so busy with classes and rumah terbuka events.. huhu... Sorry to those who invited me but I didn't show up.. really2 bz..
Thanks for those frens who come my rumah especially Fara, eventho I tak datang rumah U the day before, U tetap datang ke rumah I.. thanks my fren!!
My HOTLINK frenz..
My Housemate...the center one okey..hehe...
Ampang frenz...
Sedap tak roti john tu!!! hehe... till meet ya next year!!