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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beauty Grooming

Today, is the 1st time for Garlic and Bread do self grooming.. I think they are happy and satisfied with the treatment and service from "U R my Pet House" @ Ampang Waterfront.
See, Garlic getting tired after the treatment she had.
Oh ya, I bought them a new hammock for them to play with and relaxing.
Eh, dear Bread r u not tired? just get some rest then..
Also bought a new trial cat litter star for them. Hope they will like it.
For cat lover out there, this shop sell pet items with cheaper price compare than others shop. And the good thing is no percent charges for credit card used.
Today total expenses for them: RM165.90 (grooming RM45X2 kittens - dah mahal la..)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family Get Together

Its been a long time for me not get together with my family. Last night, we went to have a dinner at Pizza Hut at Ampang Point. Thanks to Mom for the dinner.. hehe..Hafiey and Eric.. guess what, it must be some messy will happened.. nah, Eric's drink spills up on the table.. aarrgghh..
Kak Long, Najuwa and Najaa..
Baby, Eric and Hafiey.
Not forget too, Abg , Kak Lin and Kak Nora also in da house..