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Monday, July 26, 2010

A Duty in Parliament

At this time (7.08 pm) while writing this, I'm still seating in this Dewan Negara's seat. Full of tired and boring listening all hujahs, comments and words from all the Senators in this dewan.But, its a good experience so that I know what is happen in this Parliament.
and the most importantly, I managed to claimed up to RM650 for the formal attire preparation. :) happy with that..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pesta Buah-Buahan ANM

Sume orang dok mengejar raja buah je... Durian...Pertandingan Raja Durian
Ratu Durian..
Freshies yg join memeriahkan majlis..
Bukak durian tu cepat..
berlori-lori masuk hanto durian..
Amazingly, bukak durian tanpa parang or sharp tool.. guna kunci pun boleh...
Another port...ghehehe...
Dah la tu Ben...bangun...
Pakar kopek durian.. Man..
Lepas ni aku jadi ahli kelab dapat makan free je... :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Chosen One

Hehehe...Yes, I'm very particular in finding the most suitable housemate. For one week the advert opened, I had received about 6 candidates (haha...should I called it as a candidates??) and today I found the chosen one..
According to my advert, there are several of criteria need to be matched, such as a male (but my housemate refuse and wanted female instead..hehe) , posses own transport, Working person (avoid from our house full with papers and books - student), young (haha...this is the best part... limit ages is 22-27 yo..), hygienic person (cause I'm the one who have to share the bathroom).

The journey of finding housemate begins with the first person who are working (yes one point matched) with Sony and his age is 24(another point matched)and had a big and tall body. But the connection is not there. Next is Cikgu Agama Islam and I met him in person.. But still in considering. Next is the another guy work with Sony also but very rough spoken (according to sms's that I received). Then, we met and from the beginning of the communication I already knew that he's doest not have a chance to be selected (sorry bro). Next is a practical student for four months and very sure that he can continue to work in that company...but, sorry I'm not sure about that and I have to say No. Can you see how complicated I am in choosing a house-mate.. :)

Finally, I received an sms sound like myself when texing to come and take a look the house and the room.. At first, I'm really piss off with him cause he's only smses rather than make a call. Seems not too interested. Anyway, we met up at my place and found yes, hes the one. He really matched all the criteria that I've been looking for. Well, I have to say "Welcome mate"..