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Sunday, December 30, 2007

End Year 2007 Party!!

Alhamdullillah.. first of all i would like to thanks to Mdm. Casandra Abdullah who gave me a "permission" to joined the party (postponed Christmas party + New year party in advance). Im so excited about the arrangement of the party(walaupun start makan pkl 10 pm kan.. ) and as usual high compliment for the palace decoration (of course to uncle Ed..heheh...uncle katernyer). So to those who "very busy" (sabar ya Mus, Azril n Hafiz) can not attend the party, here some "present" for uols to review. please...hehee..Thanks God, im "Happy" to see and feel so luck having such a great friends...sampaikan before start to celebrate everybody volunteered themselve as a doa reciter (walaupun at last our "mualaf" friend yg baca..syukurrr... yer..) - gambar hiasan..
So meriah with Rikke's cooks..everybody looks comfortable and excited with the menus..cane... (nasi lemak tuh yg penting... class!!!)
Hayyo!! tangan tuh... Lara...Ok..Now its a game time!! everybody eagerly waiting for the games.
Here there are.. Apalagas!! bukak la hadiah tuh!!!
Congrats!!! hope every body satisfied with their present ( Walaupun.. dapat hadiah org lain punyer tp tolong belikan.. cane... bantal tuh.. bantal...)sian... hehe... - Gambar hiasan

At the end of the party, Karaoke session pun start.. but some people tak layan...but..but.. tetap terhibur dengan beberapa persembahan oleh artis jemputan.. dendangan Kak Uji rashid, artis vateran pun ade ye.. sabar ye Zul..hehe...kite ade penyanyi suare meletops!! anuar zain.. class!!..
Motif!!!??Thanks to everybody who attended the party and made it as a great party for end year of 2007..
Hope to see u guys next year.. (only one day left..)

Happy New Year!!!!! and Salam sayang dari Kak Neta...(pinjam Quote jap ek..)

Monday, December 17, 2007

She Grew Up!!

Kekwat kan..

Vogue gethoo..


Monday, December 10, 2007

Tired Week

Huh..what the $%@& week.. im so tired giler.... i drove by myself from KB, Kelate down to KT, Terenganu ...> KTN, Pahang and back to KL..not finish yet..> went to Mlk and at last now im here..AMPANG!! what a proud city...yeahh..

BUT.. Its lucky me and thank GOD for saving me from the floods..
Talking about Kelantan, its nice place and that was my 2nd time since 2001(itu pun drop by je kat KB dr Pulau Perhentian). But the ULU..
sory my frens..i dont buy anything for uols..yer la..keje..need to rust to Kola Terenganu and then Kuantan..
And i would like to express my unsatisfaction against Grand Continental Hotel, Kuantan..Very bad and so cheap.. 4 stars konon...yuks!!! U guys if travelling in Kuantan please...DONT stay at that fucking hotel..the worse ever Hotel that i ever had.(better then Berjaya Hotel, penang.. Kan Miss Rina.. hehhe...). Anyway..staying at Renaissance Hotel, Kote Bahru is great place to me..baru la 5 stars..(Rikke Quote:"Yaallah..nak nangis..hotel ni best sangat.. shower and bath tab separate..."hehe..thank Kie.)

Today im OFF taking my unfinished annual leave and resting at my Kampong...
here some pictures taken for your reference..

Friday, November 30, 2007


Huh.. im so busy la lately ni.. next week nak ke Kelate lak.. then Kuantan.. borrringg.
ah anyway lupe nak introduce my pet..named Ginger...hhehehe..

sory la tak banyak nak update.. ni mase pun terhad ni ade hal..

c u guys soon...

Bad..payment shooting kite tu dah masuk.. hehehe...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bz giler!!

im very busy right now..yer la project new facelift myvi i dah start...
Dah 2 minggu berturut2 i keje sabtu n ahad.. depavali aritu pun keje.. cane?

sorry guyslame x update..

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dari JakiM

Guys.. what do u think about the drama? hahah.. Anyway i would like to thanks to everybody who support me in this carrier(katernyer.) and to everybody who tuned it and stay untill the end.
This "award" will be great and honor to me..
thanks again..(cried a little) muahaha...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Raye D Malacca II

Dirumah Aidil Di Restoren terapung Ikan Bakar, Umbai

Di Dataran Pahlawan (Astakona)hahaha....