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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Perfume Maniac II (con't)

I bet u guys nak tgk perfume yg i beli kan.. here the photos. Please be happy to see it.hehee..kekwat kan..
Inilah set Issey Miyake aku yg di saat-saat terakhir aku mendapatkanyer setelah patah hati melihat kekosongan kaunter IM. huhuhu.. puas!!!

And this one is CK Truth set yang paling banyak mendapat sambutan pelangan yg hadir. Siapa cpt die dpt!! hahahah... pakcik dpt!!

Ni set yg aku terjumpa terpelosok di tempat yg sunyi.. tinggal satu je pada jam 3.30Pm. Tanpa berlengah aku grab je.. Kat luar ni tersangat la mahal harganyer..

Kat bawah ni plak sey Nina Ricci.Tak pernah pakai pun..tapi bau die..tuh dia sedap giler....Tu yang aku grab jugak tuh..

Ni pun set yang paling hangat jugak ni.. CK Euphoria.. Box die mmg cantek.. bau pun best.. Tak banyak di pasaran luar.. Set ni adalah paling mahal sekali berbanding set2 yg aku grab tadi.. tak pe la sesekali..

So as a satisfaction on my self, i think all these perfume will be use for 5 years onwards.. hehe.. eh forgot another one Issey Miyake summer 2007 that i bought at Penang Gurney Plaza, Penang last 3 weeks.

Emm.... Hidup perfume!! Makan Perfume!! Tido perfume!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Perfume Maniac!

Argghh.. so tired...baru balik dr shopping perfume. Wanted to share with uols i arrive at the place around 2 pm and hujan rintik2 gethoo..So surprise the barisan so panjang nak beratur untuk masuk.Poor me. But it might be something interesting inside kalo x masekan semua makcik2, kakak2, abg2 sanggup nak beratur panjang i pun bersediala dengan membawa pyung sendri takut hujan lebat. Almost 1 and half hours berdiri beratur br smpai kat dpn entrance. Lega rasenyer..

Inside plak, huh... so many2 people like pasar borong. I thought its only perfume like uptown.. its not.. its fully set and attractive boxes. im so crazy to see it. 1st i run to issey miyake booth..Oh no!!! its sold out already!! so sad.. Nvm i look into CK items and i found 2 interesting set which is CK Truth(actual set price is RM469.90)and CK euphoria man(RM 489.90) each set.I just grab those sets before it finish. Both of the 2 sets cost me about RM300 only.Ok thats enough ya zack. Just jalan2 tgk others brand and i been attracted to this one brand named Nina Richie. Its good and delicious aroma and i grabbed it.

Now, going to pay all. During beratur yang berpusing2 linenyer about 2 km only ya.. hahaha.. i saw the promoter try to lelong one issey miyaky set because one of the customer x nak. I yelling out "Me!". Then u are..haha.. puas hati at last i got the issey miyaki set. Then about 1.5 hours berdiri beratur i nampak i set of carolina hererra (212) for men terpelosok disana. i try to take it and smell it. oh my god i like it. i took the set also. hahha.. all together 5 sets in my beg.Ok that it. No more set lagi ok. All these items already cost me about RM 600. Anyway i puas hati!!
Ok dah nak balik.nanti i update gambar set2 yg i beli itew. ok. Nak rehat setelah penat berdiri.
Summary: 4 hours berdiri untuk queue up and only 1 hour shopping. Its worth it huh..

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Durian's Party

Today i ate a lots of durians and mangosteens.. ahh.. its so delicious. My Chinese fren brought from his sister's BF hometown and sent to my house(rawang not ampang). I cannot finish by my self and thats y i sent some to ED(now i can online at his house). hehe.. like take for granted huh..

In my office today im felt so free and power because my boss not around (he went to outstation,Bangkok) until this Friday. So im the one who has a power to control on my section. Besides do my work, i try to take time to chat with frens of course la Aril, Bad, Mus and Fezal(most laser and outstanding person at this moment). Instead of chatting, i play Sudoko and i've finished only 3 sets out of 8. Huh.. not bad ahh so that i can keep for tomorrow time.

Guys.. On Monday i was so busy with trial for air-cond problem at RND testing lab. However, it so lucky coz the new model called as Kedidi which suppose to come out on 2009 was there(however the project had been cancelled). I try to snapped several photos of it and i love to show here but then im really2 worried if u guys try to copy it or show it or publish it to others unknown party. If u guys really wanted to see it i will show u in my laptop ok..(upon request la..)

To Mr. Badril Hj. what so ever.. im so surprised when i open ur blog(Badril's blog) with passion and suddenly theres nothing updated. Wah in email very the propa and gempar-gempurkan yang blog i and Rina updated only once aweek.Not like uols blogs.. gempar!!

And lastly to u guyz hope our plan this saturday nak g shopping kat MPH jadi and dont give any excuses... Okay... daa..

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nothing Much!!

Thanks Mus menyedarkan aku last week why i felt someone that i like and miss try to get far away from me. Its maybe i've been cross the line. Huh why i didn't realize that before. Ah anyway now i have to be careful and always be cool not too rush and too excited.And maybe its not the same situation like before(tetap nak deny kan..). I don't care what ppl said about me and myself. I just want to be myself. No matter what ppl keep saying bad about me thats all bull shit!! hahaha... so what!!!.

Yesterday after get back from work we (all ppl in my department) went to bowling competition and some "we care" party at Bkt. Beruntung Golf Club, Rawang. I'm so upset that my team only get a 2nd place not the 1st place. Emm.. its ok only for fun. we finish the party about 9.00PM.

Just to update yesterday Friday night i was so happy and fun met Tina(my old fren) and her boyfren + her boyfren's friend. we have fun dance all night long at La queen(x insaf lagi ni after being raid last 2 weeks). Her new BF so handsome compared to the last one. more energetic and friendly. The best thing is he so open. What i heard from tina is her BF work as a pilot of MAS buses(thats y she always inviting me to Singapore for free) no wonder la.. Anyway too much plan and programs for me with so many different group to have a holiday and vacation. i dont know how to manage my schedule. Afraid that i have to go an outstation (sudden call for outstation from my boss).

Friday, July 13, 2007

Harry Potter Review

Synopsis of the movie:
Harry Potter returns for his fifth year of study at Hogwarts. Meeting secretly with a small group of students who name themselves "Dumbledore's Army", Harry teaches them how to defend themselves against the Dark Arts, preparing the courageous young wizards for the extraordinary battle that lies ahead..

Damn!! im so frustrated watching that movie. I dont know whats make me so upset. The story line(but when read the book its ok), the cinematography(look like dim je..), the acting(they grew up already). i dont know!!!

so Guyz what do u think about Potter movie?(just answer in my chatz blog beside)? compared than transformers? Huh!!!.. poor u David yates (Director of the movie). This will be effected to JK Rowling the author of this story too.

Ah anyway.. it doesn't matter la... tomorrow i will be back to KL.. Im getting Bored here.

Luv u all..

Updates lagi..Thailand Business Trip

Sorry uols.... yesterday nite i was so busy.. after get back from Thai, went out with my frens having a diner and we all getting lost in area of Juru.Huh!! im so upset... then we went to Karaoke at Reb Box Ria(Bull shit the service and the sound system..its so disappointed) until 3.30 am... Ah anyway today im not working (bangun lambat = 11.45 am) so just mingle around in this area..planned to watch a movie at Gurney Plaza Mall maybe Harry Potter ka, Transformers ka..and i dont know whether i have an energy to do all that or not.. last action is to sleep and keep chating in this room.. hehehe..
Oh Thai trip its not too special because it was a short time period. dont have time to do all the nasty things.. since this 1st time in Thai, i felt so weird, confused, uncomfortable, worried and much more.. so i just snap a picture randomly. for ur information i went to thai together with the others 2 mates of mine, nevertheless they want some privacy and took a hotel room by own. so on night activity everybody do their own.. with no idea and unfamiliar of the road and town i try to survive by my self to go mingle around and go anywhere as i can. Luckily it was safe..(if not im not here lor to write some updated..)

- can u see there are lots of girls and "pinoy" around there. they try to approach us with their own style which thats makes me feel so worried plus scary.

Translation: Dear All, please make ur self feel free to stay in our hotel. Id u need an assistance please contact us. 074-301600 Kenthai.

In thai, u wont miss a thai massage. it was so great

its only 700.00 Bath = RM 70 + RM 2(tips) per our. u will feel so good and refresh..seriously. and addition u can have more service from the masseur. just ask for that u got it.. other wise she will ask u for others service.. naughty aite..

One of the icon of sex industrial..

Guy.. im so surprise tau one of the channel in thai is "Blue film". Poor Rina not joined me. she even dont know here had a channel like this when she was here long time ago..hahha.. i just call her to tell this things.i dun know whether she want to believe it or not.. Now u can see huh!!!

Ok la guyz, im going to take a bath and want to watch Herry Potter...hehe..if can continue with Transformers.. Bad i just read through Mus's chatz blog and seems Rina had watched Transformer but u are not. It better u go ur self to watch it..rather than waiting for Rina's or Mus's(maybe not kot..) invitation..huhuhu...

Ok C ya!!


P/S: tomorrow im in KL. Surely im go to ur place(Graha Height) ok.. Please be informed all..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Update Penang Outstation....

Yuhoo... guyz i know uols hungry for waiting my photo here aite?? but the thing is i dont have time to posing2 around. working ma.. not holiday.. but anyway just to update today activity where i went to jitra, kedah to audit vendors. So tired u know..anyway when i came back and step into my room..aahhh... its cool and can release my tension with view facing the sea and swimming pool..

Oppss forgot to put a picture inside my room... dont be jealous ye laling Rina.. i told u to accompanying me u wont... so now? "eat hearth"!! hehehe...

A twin bed where only single and lonely guy slept.(will be other(s) someone join too later..huhuhu..)

A place where i can get naked and do anything with thinking nothing..hahahha..
Ah anyway i just received an information from my boss to extend my duty to Thailand tomorow to audit vendor there and my outstation period wil be extended untill sunday.. hehehe... so guyz is that make u feel so interested in waiting my next update journal, please check it out on tomorrow nite yah..

hope to see u guyz soon..

P/S: To Aron, Rina, Azril and Mus please CC ur gossips in my email too so that i can update whatever u are chatting about. OK..

Monday, July 9, 2007

Gurney Hotel..

Bestnyer.. hotel mewah sgt 6 star uols...and im stay alone for a week..
tak tau nak ckp ape.. ni baru je lepas mandi.. ingat nak turun lepak starbuck nak main internet,, tapi rupernyer internet free access kat room ni.. meletops..!!!!!!!!!!! besttnyer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nnti esok i update gambar ek..
c ya!!!!