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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flash Forward - Season I

I've been addicted watching this new (In Malaysia) TV series shown at Channel 8. Since I dun have a time to watch the TV, I get myself copy the complete of season 1 of this series.Its good story line I could say and its different from the other shows. Now I'm in the quarter of the series (Episode 6 - all together are 22 episodes), and it really give a big impact to me to see what are the next.
Here some info related in the Flash Forward. FlashForward is American TV series which aired on ABC channel on last year 2009. It is base on the novel written by Robert J. Sawyer - the Canadian Science fiction. Happy watching it!! I bet you will like it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mingalar-Par!!, Yangon, Myanmar

Welcome to Yangon International Airport, Myanmar - we were fetched by one time free pick up service provided by our hotel. On arrival, we need to pay USD 30 for the visa fees and please be informed that the money they looking for is very clean,unfold, and look like a new dollar (thats was very weird), I tell more on their money..huhu...
This the hotel that I booked through and its very cheap. USD7 per head per nite (USD 21 per room/nite).. Ocean Pearl Inn Hotel, Botataung Pagoda Road, Pazundaung area.Early morning we woke up around 6.30 am (Malaysia time is 8.00 am) and walked around the town and to the wet market ( I like to see the crowd, so exotic)
I don't know what are they selling of- kind of kueh and foods.
Very crowded and its happening in here. Every morning I will go this market.
Me at Botataung Pagoda, near the Yangon river.
Feeding pigeons with corns (steam corn )

Many peoples sells this corn (birds food) - 100 Kyts per plate. Very cheap,I would say..
Its very hard to find Muslim's food here (what I means,is the really clean muslim restaurant). Luckily, we found Domino Restaurant muslim food (HALAL) and every day we took our lunch in here. The foods were very good and delicious and its match with our appetite.
Spaghetti, I think so.. :)
I like this.. yummy...
Chicken rice.
Another must visit place is Shew Dagon Pagoda - the biggest pagoda in here. We with the monks.
Another pagoda that we visited, Sule Pagoda.
And of course when you travel, you need some souvenir to buy and bring home. and here must go place is Bogyoke market or known as Scott's Market.
Inya-Lake also must visit places where the biggest hand-made lake. Many peoples come here and the best time to hanging around here is around 5.00 pm( Myanmar time)
Around the city..
I was very fascinated when looked at this young boy who can sketch and draw a photos of scenery with only 6 minutes. I bought one.Thanks to my Myanmar friend, Zay for spending his time to bring us around the city and interesting places. Below is Zay's family and with us at his house.
Thank you for their kindness and friendliness and I do hope that we can meet him and his family again..
'chei-zu tin-bar-te'..