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Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Quick Updates

Hello guys.. sorry long time not updates my blog..huhuhu.. very bz la lately..ah anyway here some updated for u guys ya.

1. Im happy and really satisfied with my job(as per last 2 weeks) where i won the tribunal cases (Aziman vs Perodua) last Thursday. That stupid customer lodged complaint of his myvi #@#^$#. I tried to pursued him that nothing abnormal found on his vehicle but he still unsatisfied and decided to bring this matter to tribunal. OK.. For 2 weeks i worked it out my all datas and eviden and everything. End of story he admit to raise his case.. hahaha.. what a pity guys..(msg from my Boss: Congratulation and well done..)

2. Im very excited for waiting 29th Feb. where i will be fly away to ZAKARta..oopss Jakarta.hehe.. im sure u guys also tak sabar kan. hehe..

3. Im really2 miss u Ron.. tak sabar nak tunggu March 08. Hope our plan jadi to pulau redang. hehe..

4. Im not sure what should i feel when i received "kad kawin" from Iela last week.. huh.. today is her wedding day..may god bless u and long happiness for u.

5. Ginger was growing up faster and her weight exceeding then what i expected. hehe.. i dunno whether she was pregnant or what. hopefully not.. im not ready for having "grandchild of bastard" hehe..