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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Change the Flattered Tire

Theoretically, yes I know how to change the punctured tire with the spare one.. But, in practically, I never ever do by myself.. huhu.. Yes, Im in car maker industry for about 3 and half year, yet still haven't experience in changing it by myself. Even when I was in Perodua, all the task directly request to my technician with a proper equipment.
Today, this very a good morning, I was surprised by the flatting tire of my car. I'm already late for the morning class and suddenly this thing happened to me.. Argghh.. let it be, I just borrow my brother's bike and heading to the class... after all I fix it by myself in raining weather condition.. sod off!!
Here some info to those who never ever experience in it.
1st of all, u need all this things:
1. Wrench
2. Jack
3. Spare Tyre

Step 1: Loose all the screws on the rim by turn it to counter clock wise (please kick the wrench hardly to release the 1st torque)
Step 2: Jack up your car by turn it the winder clock wise direction
Step 3: Remove the punctured tire and replace with the spare one.
Step 4: Fix it properly and tightening all the screws.
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Its such as simple method and process. But, if you do not have any ideas, please call somebody to get help... :).. Good luck!!

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