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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aidilfitri 2010

It is remind me to my long-long time kampung house (nenek's hse) typical plant arranged linearly in front of the house.
This year, celebrating the 1st day of Eid-ul fitr is only between me and my parents . All my sisters and brother celebrate it with their parents in law.After prays, we went to my grandfather's grave and to recite surah yassin for him.
The 2nd day was happening where all my friends from KL and Malacca come to my house.
Like every year, my house will be the first meeting point.
Next, Ade's house at Masjid Tanah... still copycat my menu- beehoon goreng..emm...
Next, Nazri's @ Bukit Rambai and then Shah's house..@ Sg. Udang
Then Kak Zana's house...@Malacca City
And its end our trip for this year...2010.
Till meet all of you next year!!..Selamat Hari Raya!!


Jijahh @ f.k said...

singgah beraya kat sini ....

ZaCk said...

Jemput la.. terima kasih kerana menyingah..

selamat hari raya!!