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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Journey of Buying a New House - Subsale

Its going to complicate ur life when u r dealing with mortgage thingy.. especially when its title of "subsale".. the things all u need is a patient and passion... :). This what happened to me for the past few weeks until I wrote this post.

Current stage is dealing with the owner and bank for loan application. Its good to have a cooperative agent (house and bank) so that it will ease the processes. The most important is to find the best loan that fit ur needs and desire for instant low monthly payment, low interest rate (depend on type of loan whether conventional or islamic) and bonus given by bank, for example absorption of several of fees by that particular of bank. In my case,1st I decide to try Al Rajhi Bank for Islamic because of the stagnant interest rate (unlike conventional, the BLR dependence) and high value of loan amount and of course special bonus entitled when amount of loan applied 280K above.
Also, I've try for the conventional type with CIMB bank.. Seems, it good choice but it depends on ur preferable especially on the interest rate scheme. Conventional have their own hiding info where regarding the late payment charges and also will effect to ur BLR unlike the Islamic type, the locking period till 5 years and so on..
As a conclusion, the first step to take is applying a house loan parallel with the agreement of mortgage price and confirmation. Anyway, I will update from time to time regarding the journey of buying a new mortgage and hope it will be a guidance to all of the readers here.


Mohamad Yusrizal Yaakub said...

update jgn x update zali...aku pun berkira2 nak beli rumah tp hold sekejap,tgu wiffe hbs pantang dulu..hehe aku lg la xtau bab2 prosedur beli rumah nih...takut gak kene tipu ke...nasib baik la abg ipar aku lawyer,biasa aku akan tye dia dulu mintak pandangan...Ko nak beli rumah area mana??

ZaCk said...

Huhu... Insyaallah kat Taman Impian Putra, Bangi ni.. :)
Nnti ko nak beli leh a refer kat aku.. hehe...

Anonymous said...

Best info ni tp blh x ckp dlm BM? Sy x brp nk fhm klu dlm BI :(

Mohamad Yusrizal Yaakub said...

orait2 bro...:)

saerah80 said...

Good for you for buying a house. Better take the static BLR.